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Project Materials

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Substitution, use reduction and overall improved chemicals risk managment:

Companies in Baltic States are fitter for REACH!

Final Project Report


GetAttachmentThumbnail_0.pngLayman's report

Fit for REACH in brief:

Socio economic summary_1st page.pngSummary
Socio-economic Impact
Assessment of Substitution
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Synthesis and Policy Recommendations


FitforREACH 1st page.pngSocial Assessment Report
Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 6.47.20 PM.pngAssessing the environmental impacts of substitution of hazardous substances 
FAQ_EN_first page_1.pngFrequently asked questions
komiksas.pngComic book "Hazardous substances management. No big deal"
Envir_responsibility.jpgStudy of Environmental Responsibility of Small and Medium Enterprises
Depositphotos_65532293_COPY.jpgEnvironmental indicator concept
leaflet.pngLIFE Fit for REACH project leaflet 
life-fit-reach-leaflet.pngLIFE Fit for REACH introduction leaflet pdf.

Materials for Companies

GetAttachmentThumbnail.pngUse of environmental claims: best practice guide for companies
enterprise leaflet.jpgLeaflet for companies with the substitution cases from the Baltic states
Procurement.jpgBeginners guide to green procurement for enterprises - a tool for the better management of hazardous substances


Seminar Materials

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Final Event Report

24 November, 2020

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Seminar on indicators to measure improvement in chemicals management.


Vilnius, 28-29 November, 2019


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Seminar on indicators to measure improvement in chemicals management.

Background paper



Enhance substitution and support better chemicals risk management


Snapshot fro international seminar.jpg

Snapshot: Enforcement of and support action on REACH at Member State level

Summary of discussions from the Seminar on enforcement practices with regard to the REACH Regulation



Substitution case videos