will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

LIFE Platform meeting on Chemicals & Indicator Workshop

The LIFE programme is challenging its projects by ambitious requirements to measure their environmental and socio-economic impacts, to assess behaviour change of target groups and/or policy uptake of its achievements.

This meeting amongst LIFE projects and interested parties in the field of chemicals is hosted by “LIFE Fit for REACH” and will take place in Vilnius at 27th-29th of November. It will:

  • give feedback and provide input to policy makers to help plan, implement and update relevant EU policies;
  • share best practices and lessons learnt among LIFE and other EU-funded projects, NGOs, and relevant stakeholders including small and medium businesses, industry and academia;
  • promote the added value of the LIFE programme in the field of chemicals.

It will also showcase the interaction with other policy areas like waste, agriculture, resource efficiency and environment and health, which very often address issues highly relevant to chemicals policy.

Additionally, LIFE Fit For REACH invites all projects dealing with chemicals issues to a workshop on 28-29 November to share their ideas and bring the indicator concepts a bit further.

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