will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

New equipment allows to work without hazardous substances

With the support of the Life Fit for REACH project the metal processing company Knk Mefab will no longer need to use hazardous substances in the grinding process.


Clogs the system and poses a risk to health and the environment

Until recently the operator of the company's grinding machine had not only have to prepare the metal elements for the further processing - powder coating, but he also had to handle the problems caused by the lubricant-cooler of the outdated facility.
The emulsion tended to cause clogging in the system when mixed with the metal particles. It also spilled out during the operation process and had to be changed. The old grinding machine couldn’t work without the cooling liquid because there was a risk the metal elements could heat up during the process and become deformed and not usable for further processing.
In addition, the emulsion was problematic itself and not only caused the problems for the working process, but is also contained a well-known carcinogen formaldehyde and a strong skin and respiratory irritant aminoethanol which is also harmful for the environment.

Two buttons and no hazardous substances

The company bought and installed a new grinder with a speed control system in May 2018 with the financial support of the LIFE Fit for REACH. It doesn’t need any hazardous lubricant-coolant. The system regulates the grinding speed, therefore the metal elements do not heat up and the operator doesn’t need to worry about damaging the details.
Now the grinding machine’s operator should only turn on two buttons when starting the job: one is for the equipment that collects small particles from the grinding process, another is for the grinding machine itself.

KnK Mefab is a local metal processing company offering various metal processing services to its customers. The company mainly works with aluminium, black metal, stainless steel, zincified black metal. Among the company’s clients are Latvian enterprises, which produce chairs and lightning objects, also construction companies.