will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

The project wins two nominations in Latvia

The most significant investment into environment protection and Financially the largest project - LIFE Fit for REACH received awards in the these two LIFE Awards 2020 categories in Latvia.

We are especially proud that the achievements of the project have been recognized as the most significant contribution to environmental protection. This means that what our team and many Latvian companies have done over the past five years has been noticed and appreciated.

Thanks to the support of LIFE Fit for REACH project, 13 Latvian companies now use less hazardous substances in their daily work. An even greater number of companies have acquired knowledge in the management of chemicals, which gives us hope that in the future there will be even fewer dangerous substances around us.

The LIFE Award is an event celebrating the Latvian projects of the European Commission's LIFE programme, which was organized for the third time.

The videos show the substitution cases implemented by some of the companies involved in the project.