will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Substitution measures discussed in roundtables

The national roundtables about the implementation of substitution measures of hazardous chemicals with authorities were organised in all three Baltic States at the end of 2017.  The main goal of the meetings was to discuss and find the best solution on how to better implement the substitution measures at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and also inform the authorities about the project progress. 

IMG_1554.JPGAt the national roundtable in Lithuania it was discussed how to effectively spread the information about funding and support schemes for chemical innovations (substitution) among businesses and what will be done to improve the chemical management situation in enterprises in Lithuania. Lack of information on related subjects among many professionals working in this field was noted, with several options for possible solutions discussed.


IMG_20171219_100315.jpgIn Estonia participants from different ministries, national institutions, representatives from companies and associations took part in national roundtable meeting. Topics on similarities of problematic aspects in chemicals management at a national and EU level were discussed, as well as options to outreach to more companies and encourage them to take part in project activities.

Latvian authorities met to discuss the project progress, different new developments and how they could help in motivating companies to take steps towards improving management of chemicals (i.e. thematic years of chemicals from perspective of occupational safety, unique product identifiers, etc.).