will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Website where to look for safer alternatives

Marketplace website.jpgMarketplace is a new website which provides the possibility to find and offer  safer alternatives (substances, processes, tehnologies) to other enterprises, and promote less use of substances of very high concern (SVHCs). The website was created by Swedish NGO ChemSec.

The site already has established sections  for  textile manufacturing, construction and electronics. For example, information on alternative to bisphenol A in thermal paper, as of year 2020 it can no longer be used in this kind of paper, about safer water-repellent agents in textiles, flame-retardant alternatives in electronic products, eco-friendly wood processing can be found on this site.

Organisation invites enterprises, which already work with safer alternatives, to inform other enterprises about it on this site.