will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Welcome to LIFE/Fit for REACH

BEF-DE-119.jpgDear Reader,

the European Union’s REACH Regulation places high responsibility for chemicals management on industries, including small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). which usually lack the knowledge, skills and funds to find alternative substances. SMEs from the Baltic States are acting on a very small market and in a society that is mostly unaware about the risks for environment and human health from hazardous chemicals in production processes and products.

With our project LIFE/Fit for REACH we want to support Baltic SMEs to face future challenges for chemicals management given by the REACH Regulation. We want to help them to understand the restrictions of tomorrow already today. LIFE/Fit for REACH offers the SMEs a full “chemicals management package”, including proposals on how to implement substitution as a core action to reduce environmental impacts and support in communicating this good environmental performance to the society.

This website is particularly designed for SMEs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – therefore its national language sections are more comprehensive and detailed in information; we want to provide practical information for the SMEs about legislation, about chemicals management issues, about substitution cases and also provide them with easy-to-use electronic tools e.g. for assessing their input substances. This website shall itself function as supporting tool for the SMEs and provide them with earmarked information which they need to know to implement REACH correctly and timely.

With the website we want to communicate our project to an international audience of competent authorities, experts & consultants and European/regional policy networks; we seek for international cooperation and want to disseminate and replicate out experience, outputs and findings. Please, do not hesitate to contact us – the project team of LIFE/Fit for REACH.


Heidrun Fammler

Project Manager