will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances
Euronews Business Planet reportage takes us on a tour to one of the companies - Latvia’s largest producer of household chemicals Spodriba - which is getting "greener"  with the help of LIFE Fit for REACH. 

Andrus Ööpik, Peep Tammistu and Karin Viipsi from Henkel Balti development labratory in Pärnu visited with the help of the project LIFE Fit for REACH PDR factory in Germany to discuss future cooperation.

The LIFE programme is challenging its projects by ambitious requirements to measure their environmental and socio-economic impacts, to assess behaviour change of target groups and/or policy uptake of its achievements.
Inspired by the activities and achievements of LIFE Fit for REACH, project partners have developed and published scientific articles about the substitution of hazardous substances in general as well as in the particular fields.