Chemical topics

Here you can find information on important elements of chemicals risk management in companies. The presented information is intended for companies in the Baltic States. Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian versions of the texts take into consideration national peculiarities, if any, although the main presented requirements stem from EU legislation.

The analysed elements of chemicals management are outlined in the figure below:


Purchasing of chemicals

Input materials, including chemicals, should not be chosen carefully with prior evaluation of their hazards and necessary safety measures in addition to further characteristics regarding product quality and technological suitability. 

Classification, labelling, safety data sheets

All risk management work needs information on the used chemicals. Producers and importers are obliged to transfer knowledge on chemicals by classifying and labelling them and providing them with safety data sheets. Users of chemicals have a right to obtain hazard information from suppliers and a duty to use it when choosing and handling chemicals.


An inventory is a convenient way of managing knowledge on chemicals in enterprises and supporting tasks, including compliance checking and reporting.


Replacing the most hazardous chemicals in a company by less hazardous alternatives may result in cost savings, better market access of products and less damage to workers and the environment.


Improper storage of chemicals causes risk to human health, environment and property, therefore also storage of chemicals deserves increased attention.

Resource efficiency

Chemicals management may benefit from resource efficiency measures, as these not only enhance cost savings, but reduce risks due to reduced amounts of used chemicals, of emissions, and of waste.


Chemicals may turn waste into hazardous waste resulting in special storage and disposal requirements. Basic information on waste handling is provided.

Communication with authorities

Companies have legal requirements to communicate with authorities on their chemicals use under various legislation.

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