will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

The jewellery company “Varva” participated in the “LIFE Fit for REACH” project. In addition to classic jewellery, the jeweller of this company also produces jewellery from epoxy resin.

Companies in the construction industry often do not pay attention to the composition of chemicals in construction materials. Until now, Eksterm has also used roofing waterproofing materials that contain volatile organic compounds. 
In an industrial facility the floor covering must be not only mechanically, but also chemically and even thermally resistant. Therefore, at Ritols, the recipe for such a floor covering that would meet the high requirements was developed for almost two years.
In order to hear actor's voice, Liepāja Theater uses radio microphone system, which previously operated on batteries. Approximately 78 kg of batteries were used each year, the production of which from the extraction of raw materials to recycling causes environmental pollution.
Many hazardous substances are used in car maintenance and repair, so every opportunity to reduce the amount of chemicals is important. This can often be done by upgrading equipment. The filters are cleaned with water, not chemicals.  Speed motors is a small car repair shop that has been specializing in repairing car exhaust system and car computer programming for at least five years. 
It's hard to imagine that such a small design office as Temeso, which designs equipment and prototypes, and gives students-future engineers the opportunity to practice, could use hazardous substances in its daily work.

Car care sector uses large quantities of hazardous chemicals which pose high risks to workers and to the environment. On average, 40-60 hazardous chemicals as mixtures are in use in each car service in Estonia.

In February experts from the Fit for REACH consortium participated in a seminar in Belgrade, Serbia to disseminate experience from LIFE Fit for REACH, to train local industries and consultants and to share the experience