will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Exciting News: Poland strengthens LIFE Fit for REACH-2 Project!

We're proud to welcome Poland to the LIFE Fit for REACH-2 project! This collaboration introduces a strong of Polish expertise in chemicals and industry to our mission of safer chemicals management and sustainable industrial practices.

Meet our new Polish partners:

  • POMInnO: Since its founding in 2013, POMInnO has made waves in environmental protection, water management, and renewable energy. With a focus on international markets and innovation, particularly in eco-friendly energy solutions, POMInnO is at the forefront of environmental sustainability.
  • The Lukasiewicz Research Network is Europe's third-largest research network, Lukasiewicz boasts 8,000 experts across 32 institutes, delivering cutting-edge solutions in automation, biomedicine, and more. Our partner, the Lukasiewicz-Industrial Chemistry Institute, brings a century of expertise in chemical research and safety, aiming to advance chemical safety management and training.

Together, we're setting new benchmarks for environmental stewardship and industrial safety. Join us in welcoming our Polish partners to the LIFE Fit for REACH-2 project!

To find out who other LIFE Fit for REACH-2 partners are, go check page Team.