Example template for keeping the chemicals inventory

An essential part of a good chemical management system in a company is a complete inventory of used or produced chemical substances and mixtures. This provides all the information necessary to ensure the correct and safe use of chemicals and gives an overview of potentially problematic issues (e.g. missing SDS, incorrect classification, etc.) that might emerge. The specific information regarding used/produced chemicals that needs to be collected will differ depending on the company, but this example template provides an idea of the type of information that should be collected and available in most cases.


Checklist for the safety data sheet

The safety data sheet (SDS) belongs to the chemical and should provide sufficient information for safe handling and use. It is vital for your chemical management that the information is correct and useful, and you should therefore ensure that it is of good quality. This simple checklist shows how you can judge on quality. 



SubSelect is an Access-based, free tool that supports assessing and comparing hazardous substances and mixtures with regard to their toxicity, but also their sustainability. It was developed to assist in particular chemicals users who have only basic knowledge of chemicals. SubSelect allows to compare different alternative substances and mixtures and identify those with the lowest negative environmental and societal impacts, based on a set of 7 criteria. SubSelect aims to be pragmatic and simple and is not a scientific tool for alternatives assessment. Note: SubSelect updated approximately twice per year. Be sure you use the most recent version.

Read the Guidance for using the SubSelect tool