The Project Concept
LIFE FitforREACH-2 is based on several principles: 

  1. Help for self-help: the FFR-2’s training, information, guidance and tools are enablers for companies to implement a good risk management system. Capacity building and consultation support the “learning by doing”. 
  2. Supply chain-based concepts: companies are part of an economic ecosystem; changes affect customers and may concern suppliers as well as further stakeholders. This is considered in the chemicals risk management system and implementation guidance. 
  3. Lifecycle thinking: all activities consider the entire lifecycle of a chemical in order to prevent shifting of chemical risks or environmental burdens, e.g. when substituting or redesigning products and services. 
  4. Addressing problems at their source: the analysis of challenges in chemicals risks management will always strive to identifying the root cause and find solutions that address this cause. Substitution of hazardous chemicals is one of the solutions that is a radical and comprehensive approach to address toxic risks at source. 
  5. Holistic assessments and precautionary approach: Guidance and tools aim to give a comprehensive picture of challenges and solutions. Being precautionary may mean into go beyond legal requirements and apply future-proof solutions. 
  6. Ensuring a firm basis for chemicals risk management: in the sense of “help for self help” and with the aim of sustainably triggering changes in companies, it is an essential element of the FFR-2 to build competences in chemicals risk management, in particular on gathering, understanding and using information.