will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Lower emissions by reducing battery consumption

In order to hear actor's voice, Liepāja Theater uses radio microphone system, which previously operated on batteries. Approximately 78 kg of batteries were used each year, the production of which from the extraction of raw materials to recycling causes environmental pollution. 

Various metals and their compounds are used in the production of batteries, the best known of which are manganese and zinc. 

The project's support made it possible to replace the battery system with a charging station, thus reducing the use of rare metals and the associated emissions. 

The new charging system greatly simplifies the work of the actors, as it guarantees 11 hours of operation for a fully charged battery, which is important for performances. The display of the transmitter and receiver shows the remaining operating time - hours and minutes. The charging system is also more efficient, as the batteries were often changed unused so as to not interrupt the microphone during the show. For the Liepāja Theater, in the long run, it is also saving financial resources, as about 500 charge-discharge cycles are possible. 

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