will help companies to ensure a more efficient management of chemicals and to substitute hazardous substances

Reduction of harmful substances in roof waterproofing coatings

Companies in the construction industry often do not pay attention to the composition of chemicals in construction materials. Until now, Eksterm has also used roofing waterproofing materials that contain volatile organic compounds. 

LIFE Fit for REACH project’s support for the substitution of hazardous substances has allowed the company to test in practice a roof waterproofing material that has reduced the amount of harmful substances. 

An experimental roofing was applied and the company concluded that the quality of the material was adequate. Using this material can save energy - no need to use additional solvents and propane - butane gas to dry the substrate. There is also less material consumption and construction material waste. In the future, the company will work with this material, as well as recommend it to its customers. 

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